Nishant Kambhatla

Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I am a CS PhD student in the NatLang Lab at Simon Fraser University, advised by Prof. Anoop Sarkar. I work at the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. I’m broadly interested in building multilingual models. My current research focus is on machine learning for multilingual models and massively multilingual neural machine translation. Until recently, I was working on interpretability for neural machine translation.

I completed my Masters in Computer Science (with focus on NLP and Deep Learning) in 2018 from SFU, advised by Prof. Anoop Sarkar and Prof. Fred Popowich. I primarily worked on natural language decipherment during my Masters.

In the past, I was a research intern at Aida Corp (now a part of Vision Critical) on customer support automation. Prior to joining SFU, I earned my integrated Masters in Software Engineering in 2016 from Vellore Institute of Telchnology, India advised by Prof. Bharadwaja Kumar, where I worked on automatic construction of Telugu-English parallel corpus.

I occasionally play the percussion instrument Tabla.